ZARA | 21 | LESBIAN | she/her/
you may know me as that one twitter user whose really too enthusiastic about spider-man: turn off the dark, an annoyance on letterboxd dot com or the founder of the lesbian alliance for reeve carney, yeah idk how it happened either.
DO NOT INTERACT (yes i know these are pointless but i'm laying it out anyway)
racist, homophobic, transphobic, terf (all the obvious ones), believe in bi/pan lesbians, don't support blm, anti-communist or one of those blue lives matter freaks/anti-acab
art, watching films, reading, writing, various crafts, collecting items, music and being a pretentious and obnoxious homosexual
spider-man (comics + spider-man: turn off the dark predominantly), barbie, fairy tales + fantasy (predominantly films), the muppets + other jim henson properties, musicals (hadestown, american psycho the musical, starlight express + more), tron, horror films, frogs, vintage toys, care bears and stuff i probably forgot
you can call me a stan if you want idc but i just refer to myself as a fan, there's definitely more artists and celebs i like but i feel like these are the names you might see more frequently then others.
Reeve Carney (obviously), Eva Noblezada, David Lynch, Shelley Duvall, Danny Elfman, Jim Henson and David Sylvian

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